Rutgers Alt-fueled-Vehicle Ecosystem (RAVE)

This project and website promote technology development and implementation to support conversion of all kinds of transportation to electric power. It has been sponsored internally as a Strategic Initiative out of the Chancellor’s office and has synergistic educational and facilities components.


We are keenly interested in technology/society topics that impact our transition to electric transportation, including: renewable power generation, power storage (batteries and other), electric motors/generators, electric vehicle design, grid connections and the “smart grid”, economic pricing schemes, and policy choices that impact our future transportation needs.

On the educational side, we have supported student effort to use real data on electricity consumption related to plug-in vehicle charging.

These two students were Aresty Research Program Students during the 2016-2017 Academic year. They participated in collecting and digesting electricity usage at the four EV stations at our Engineering complex to understand typical user behavior and to develop new ways of monitoring usage and helping users interface with that understanding.

In relation to transportation electrification infrastructure we have:

Plug-In charging units are located at four different locations on campus:

Busch campus by Engineering – we have 4 Level-2 Chargers here, in Parking Lot 59: – Google Maps gives the location HERE,

Livingston campus in the Yellow Lot – we have 2 Level-2 Chargers here: – Google Maps gives the location HERE,

Livingston Campus in Lot 105 – we have 2 Level-2 Chargers here: – Google Maps gives the location HERE,

Livingston Campus by OIT field offices – we have a DC fast charger – which may be in use by facilities vehicles who operate a fleet of  EVs for servicing the IT network on campus: – Google Maps gives the location HERE .

*** We are hoping to expand our infrastructure soon. If you have suggestions about reasonable locations on other parts of Rutgers far-reaching campuses then please send me email.


Current and historical electricity usage at the 4 Plug-in Spots by Engineering can be loaded in real-time HERE.






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